Tuesday, July 28, 2009

O2 Group: Free Class from Smoking Campaign

Mr. Daif Khalid
Mr. Qusai Ahmad Mahmod Al-azam

Peer Evaluation Score: 82.22

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Important Announcement

We will not have class on August 1 (see announcement below)
The presentation from ANK group will be postponed to August 8, together with Wi-Max Group.

Postponement of lectures: 27 July – 1 August 2009

All lectures and student activities have been postponed for a week beginning 27 July (Monday) until 1 August 2009 (Saturday). This decision is in line with efforts to curb the spread of the Influenza Light Illness (ILI). Lectures will resume on 2 August 2009 (Sunday)

Service counters which provide student services will be closed during this duration as well.

All members of the UUM community are to keep themselves informed of the latest official updates which will be posted from time to time.

For further information and inqueries please contact the Director of the Academic Affairs Department, Mr. Baharudin Yaacob at tel no.: 04-928 3103 or e-mail : baha646@uum.edu.my

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Group Members & Presentation Dates

1. Vista (October 10)
Aida Zuliyana Ahmad Anuar
Noranifitri Binti Md Nor

2. Wi-Max (August 8)
Afnan Cheda-oh
Aida Suhana Abdul Hamid
Ummi Salmah Binti Abdul Rahman

3. Core Duo (September 26)
Agnita Yolanda
Noor Hapisah Mangsor
Noraini Bt Mohamed Ali

4. ANK (August 1)
Kamalharis Abdul Wahab
Nasrudin Bin H. Mahmud
Samsu Anuar Bin Hamzah

5. COS (September 12)
Chuah Soo Fei
Ooi Siew Shiang
Saw Teck Chew

6. (no name - August 22)
Abdallah Hamed Awad Masa'deh
Elijah Binti Noor Azmi
Mazyana Hashim

7. Faces of the Future (August 29)
Amiza Hazni Bt. Mohd. Radzi
Hasma Haji Harun

8. (no name - October 3)
Khairulnizam Shuib
Muhammad Zamani Bin Mustafa
Zakaria Abd. Rahman

9. MIMO (October 17)
Mohamed Idries Ahmed Abusbiah
Mohamed. Aabeid. Khalfalla Attoumi
Mohammad Sulaiman Salman Al Shamalat

10. O2 (July 25)
Daif Khalid
Qusai Ahmad Mahmod Al-azam

11. Apple (September 5)
Nurul Jamilah Ismail Rani
Yogananthini A/p Kumaran

Monday, July 13, 2009

Topics Due This Saturday (July 18)

Please note that your presentation and project topics will be due this Saturday. Topics can be anything your group decides for example, your topic may be about the environment, tourism, food, culture, etc. For the project, you will need to choose a specific communication technology to deliver your topic. For example, you may want to explain about African culture through the use of a video which includes dances, arts, and others.

The presentation should cover the following:

- Your topic
- Why you chose the topic and what project you will be working on
- Your rational for choosing a specific communication technology to deliver the topic
- Information about the communication technology you will be using

Here is a brief example on what you should be preparing:

You would like to promote on living a healthy lifestyle through exercise.
You want to chose video as a medium of choice to communicate your message.

Presentation: Present your topic and how your group will work on a video project to promote a healthy lifestyle through exercise.
Present the methods on doing exercises and sports which you will present in your video. Explain why you chose video to promote your topic. Explain the fundamentals of video technology as a communication tool.

Project: Turn in the video project.

Research Paper: Write about video technology as an effective (or non-effective) communication tool and the steps required to prepare a video project. Do not talk about your topic (healthy lifestyle through exercise) in this paper unless you are making certain references to prove a point.

I hope this is clear. If not, we can discuss this further in class.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Change of Classroom to FKBM 1.4

As of today (7/7/2009) I noticed there are 30 students enrolled for this class, and more may be coming. I believe that our current classroom; FKBM 1.2 will not be enough for a class this size, so starting this Saturday, we will conduct classes in FKBM 1.4. Please take note of the new venue.