Sunday, April 10, 2011

Peer-Reviewed Presentations

The objective of the presentation is to identify Communication Technologies and understand its history, development, application, and its context against today's media environment.

The presentation itself consist of three major sections:

  1. Introduction - General information, History, Development, Use in Communications
  2. Prominent Company (brand/player/organization) - Choose a major corporate name that is known for the communication technology you have been assigned to. For example: Canon (Photography), Apple (Mobile Phones), Twitter (Social Networking). Discuss about its development, competitors, business, target market, problems, etc. **** A SWOT (Strength / Weaknesses / Opportunity / Threats) analysis would be a good approach.
  3. Future - Talk about how you think the communication technology will develop in the future. Base your predictions on current trends and demands.

Remember, Presentations should be between 20-30 minutes long (including any discussions, role-play, Q&A, audience participation). Create interesting two-way activities to highlight important points, these tend to score higher than regular one-way presentations. Your mark will be determined by the audience and worth 30% of the final mark.

Good luck!

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